Corporate Restructuring

Restructuring plants, operations, product and service offerings, and staffing has always been an ongoing process among industry profit leaders.  Today, however, with the unique combination of technological changes and a broadening economic slowdown, restructuring is not needed merely to enhance profit – it may also be necessary for survival.

We believe we are uniquely qualified to bring to the table the print, manufacturing, legal, and consulting expertise necessary to achieve a successful reorganization or restructuring.

While we do not see Chapter 11 Bankruptcy reorganizations as a solution in themselves, we do see a Chapter 11 as a necessary part of reinventing a viable company in some situations.

Often, agreements with creditors or assignments for the benefit of creditors can be structured to provide the time and financial “breathing room” needed to revitalize a company.

When necessary, we utilize the additional services offered by GATF/PIA Solutions On-site to provide low-cost and efficient targeted analysis and reports.

Over the past ten years, we have assisted in or engineered numerous turn-arounds in the print and manufacturing industries.