OMB and Government Print Reform

OMB-GPO Compact

GPO Issues ipub solicitation to begin Compact Implementation (9-25-03)

Memo re Compact

GPO and OMB Reach Agreement that will Change Federal Print Procurement (June 6, 2003)

Read the GPO-OMB "Compact"  

More Work to Printers 

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OMB Says Final Reg Making GPO Optional Will be Issued "in the near future" (April 23, 2003 What

Final FAR Regulation Never Issued (April 15, 2003)

GPO’s Slow Transition to Best Value Awards May Encourage Issuance of “Optional GPO” FAR (April 7, 2003)

GPO Gets All Budget Printing from OMB

Comments Submitted on Proposed Government Printing FAR 
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GAO Opinion supporting Title 44 and GPO (11-13-2002)

Proposed FAR change would make GPO Optional (11-5-2002)

Read the Proposed FAR regs

OMB to ignore 44 USC 501 and buy Budget printing direct (Solicitation)

OMB to bypass GPO for Budget printing

OMB-GPO Update on

OMB Proposal for Optional GPO (links to Articles & info)

Draft FAR Revision

Study Confirming Savings from Competitive Print Procurement

Antoun 7-16-02 Article in

Joint Committee on Printing holds Hearing on OMB Memo  

JCP Hearing Testimony

 An Industry plan of Action

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OMB attacks GPO status as mandatory print buyer